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    How do AK Forklift Parts support its network of clients?

    It’s simple really, there are literally hundreds of Fork truck companies that will just “take your order”, that’s just not the way we do it.

    AK Forklift Parts are a passionate, specialised, dedicated parts company that pride themselves on delivering the right part, at the right price, at the right time.

    To us at AK Forklift Parts it’s not just about taking the order, we react to our customers changing requirements, where necessary we visit site, implement a bonded stock if needs dictate, we offer a range of delivery options, if you need a part the same day we can also arrange that for you.

    With our experience and knowledge we can help identify the part you need and in some cases we will offer an alternative if we feel it will benefit you.

    We offer a complete forklift parts support mechanism that other companies just don’t offer.

    Whatever part you need, whenever you need it. Call us on 07825 336768.


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